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Protecting Providers Against Legal & Regulatory Threats

We help healthcare providers navigate challenges to their license and livelihood from insurance conglomerates, the federal government, and state agencies. You care for patients – we’ll handle the legal battle.

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Government investigations & Litigation

Healthcare Fraud & White Collar Defense

We Use their Playbook to Protect You

Navigate Government Scrutiny Safely

If you receive a subpoena, learn the FBI is interviewing your patients, or DEA arrives for an unannounced inspection, you need a team that understands the government’s playbook. We use decades of government experience to ensure the process is conducted fairly and your rights are protected.
As former, highly decorated federal and state prosecutors, our team has handled complex healthcare fraud and regulatory probes from the investigator’s side. That gives us unique insight into building rock-solid defenses for clients facing serious governmental challenges.

Tangible Impact For Healthcare Businesses

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Our team prides itself on delivering results despite lopsided industry advantages. We have the depth of knowledge and inside perspective necessary to overcome these challenges
Pharmacy Services

PBM Audit & Regulatory Defense

Leveling the Playing Field in Pharmacy Audits

With executive experience at top pharmacies and PBMs, our attorneys expose flawed audit practices and fight to recoup wrongfully clawed-back reimbursement. We specialize in the defense of pharmacy audits and abusive PBM tactics. Don't wait until your rights are lost.

Maintaining Licenses through Regulatory Minefields

From DEA controlled substance oversight to FDA compounding regulations, our team helps pharmacies navigate complex requirements. We enable business expansion and prevent licensure sanctions by guiding clients through a maze of federal and state regulations.
Past Experience
Practitioner services

Medicare Audit & Licensing Defense

Turning the Tables on Medicare Audits

Providers are targeted by CMS Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs), such as Cotiviti and Noridian, for recovery of overpayments and potential fraud referrals to Unified Program Integrity Contractors, such as Qlarant and SafeGuard. Our experienced attorneys stop these inquiries in their tracks, before the threat magnifies.

Protecting Providers from Regulatory Challenge

We enable providers to maintain licensure and credentialing status by aggressively defending board proceedings, fair hearings, and other regulatory and patient-driven complaints. When it comes to your license and livelihood, our attorneys do not rest.
Our Process

Getting Defensive Help is Simple

3 steps to gain expert guidance and a custom legal strategy

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Analyze and Strategize

Our team will conduct an in-depth analysis of your circumstances and needs. We then outline a customized legal strategy built to address the issues impacting you.

Proceed with Confidence

If our proposed legal strategy resonates with you, we kick things off. If not, you walk away at any time without paying a dime. You have complete flexibility.
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Regulatory & Compliance Services

Legal Partners in Healthcare Innovation

Increase Margins through New Opportunities

We help clients across the country expand their business reach through innovative partnerships, compliant contracts, and collaboration on new and emerging areas, including clinical services, provider programs, sales/marketing, and other scope-of-practice opportunities. Capture margin. Remain compliant.

Enabling Scale through Corporate Growth

We counsel healthcare providers on growth strategies through corporate transactions of all sizes, including stock and asset sales, MSOs, financing transactions, leasebacks, and debt offerings. Scale is critical to success in today’s marketplace.
Health Law Alliance

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As an immigrant, my life was shattered when criminal charges were filed against me following a PBM audit that found inventory discrepancies. I put my faith in Anthony, who got all charges dismissed. I was so grateful and relieved that I promised to take Anthony on a tour of my homeland when I return to Egypt.
Pharmacy Owner
There is no one else that comes to mind whenever a pharmacy issue pops up other than Anthony Mahajan. He has handled my issues with extreme care, focusing on the bigger picture and what is best for my long term goals and aspirations. This is why Anthony is not only my lawyer, but I also consider him to be an extension of my family.
Pharmacy Owner
Pharmacy Owner
Anthony is the definition of a 'plug and play' athlete. Put him in the game and he will change it.
Former Acting U.S. Attorney
CVS Caremark wants to steal my business and they filed a complaint with the OIG after an audit. Although I was facing exclusion, the Health Law Alliance PBM defense team was able to negotiate a resolution that saved my license and allowed me to continue earning a livelihood. Me and my whole family could not be more grateful.
Pharmacy Owner
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What does a free consultation entail?

A risk-free consultation is a chance to discuss your situation transparently with our attorneys. We listen and assess how we can help. Consultations range from 15 minutes for narrow issues to over an hour for extensive matters.

What happens if I have an urgent legal threat?

We recognize issues like investigations require rapid response. We strive to provide emergency consultations within 24 hours. Our defense kicks into high gear right away.

Can I get counsel if I'm just starting my healthcare business?

Yes, we help businesses proactively by guiding formation, licensing applications, regulatory nuances, and avoiding early missteps. Starting out compliantly saves future headaches.

Do you handle litigation beyond government investigations?

Absolutely. We leverage deep trial experience to handle civil lawsuits ranging from breach of contract disputes to whistleblower lawsuits brought under the False Claims Act.

Can your guidance help me prevent future problems?

Our expertise equips clients to implement robust compliance programs, self-disclosure protocols and corrective actions where warranted. An ounce of regulatory prevention is invaluable.

What should I do if I receive a subpoena?

Subpoenas may require the recipient to produce documents or testify, and they are typically delivered in-person. Your response can shape what happens next. We help clients safely navigate these critical steps.

Can you represent me if I receive a civil investigative demand?

Yes, a CID is a type of subpoena. It is important to limit the investigation and prevent missteps. Our insider knowledge help control the narrative and scope.

Will a government investigation have consequences for my license?

Government investigations involve a number of “collateral” consequences, including potential debarment and exclusion. We know how to protect you and your license.

What type of litigation do you handle?

Our litigation expertise spans government enforcement cases, False Claims Act/whistleblower suits, breach of contract claims, business disputes, employment litigation, and more.

Should I pursue a lawsuit for a business dispute?

We advise clients on when litigation is the right approach versus alternatives like settlement or mediation. If negotiating fails, our seasoned trial attorneys have the experience needed to build strong cases.

How can litigation experience aid settlements?

Our deep litigation expertise - including past trial victories - often compels opposing parties to offer reasonable pre-trial settlements. We know how to demonstrate willingness to go the distance.

Can you handle lawsuits across different states?

Yes. Our litigators are licensed across various jurisdictions and have extensive experience coordinating multi-state cases involving clients with operations across different regions.

I'm facing a unwarranted PBM audit - what are my options?

We help pharmacies fight back against improper PBM audits and clawbacks. By exposing flawed audit practices, we aim to have funds returned and prevent future unfair targeting.

How can you assist with DEA controlled substance regulations?

Our former DEA expert helps pharmacies implement robust controlled substance monitoring programs that ensure full compliance with complex DEA regulations.

What if my pharmacy license is under threat?

We represent pharmacies facing license disciplinary actions or at risk of suspension/revocation. This spans guiding responses to complaints, settlements and hearings. Preventing license loss is critical.

Should I implement an internal audit program?

Having robust internal audit capabilities helps prevent minor issues from becoming major regulatory problems. We guide clients on building gold-standard programs tailored to their operations.

Can you help me expand into specialty pharmacy services?

We absolutely can. Our team assists with navigating strict accreditation and regulatory requirements around complex specialty services related to oncology, HIV, MS and more.

How does HIPAA apply to pharmacy operations?

We advise pharmacies on developing HIPAA-compliant policies and procedures around protected health information (PHI). This includes guidance on privacy, security and data breach incident response.

I'm facing a Medicare audit - what should I do?

We help physicians respond strategically to Medicare audits and payment recoupment threats. This spans gathering documentation, formulating rebuttals, and appealing adverse determinations to remove unfair penalties.

Do you provide advice on scope-of-practice regulations?

Yes, we help physicians and mid-level practitioners comply with evolving rules and regulations around supervision and scope. Let us help you identify opportunities around health care extenders.

Can you help obtain fair reimbursement contracts?

Yes, we negotiate and review payor network contracts and reimbursement rates to ensure compliance to applicable laws and protect providers against lopsided demands. Let us level the playing field.

How can you assist private practice physicians?

We guide private practices on business structure, billing and coding, value-based care arrangements, healthcare regulatory nuances, and avoiding missteps as practices scale. We aim to empower physician independence.

What regulations apply to in-office dispensing?

Numerous federal and state regulations cover in-office dispensing of pharmaceuticals and ordering/handling controlled substances. We ensure physicians remain compliant across evolving oversight.

Should I consider an MSO arrangement?

If structured properly, Management Services Organizations (MSOs) can help physician practices optimize business operations. We advise on MSO opportunities/risks and craft compliant agreements.

Can you help me avoid HIPAA violations?

Yes - we review data policies and safeguards to avoid substantial HIPAA penalties. This spans guidance on breach response protocols, managing vendors, and tailoring compliance programs to your practice's needs.

Can you help me with the sale of my business?

Yes, our attorneys have experience handling a wide range of corporate transactions, including MSOs, asset sales and other more complex structures. We know how to get deals done efficiently.

Do you help with asset structuring?

Yes, the concept of asset protection is very complicated, but our attorneys know which laws are the most favorable. We can help you understand the limitations and advantages to each approach.

What telehealth regulations should I know about?

Key telehealth regulations span practitioner licensure, modality requirements, informed consent, HIPAA compliance and reimbursement rules. We help clients navigate these complex requirements.

How can I ensure my telehealth program expands access?

Our attorneys advise on navigating regulations around cross-state care delivery, establishing provider networks, and integrating telehealth across clinical workflows - enabling wider patient access.

What telemedicine fraud and abuse risks should I be aware of?

We counsel clients on mitigating key telehealth fraud risks like improper incentives, misrepresented patient encounters, unlicensed staff, and violations of Anti-Kickback/Stark Laws. Proactive compliance is key.