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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a consultation entail?

A risk-free consultation is a chance to discuss your situation transparently with our attorneys. We listen and assess how we can help. Consultations range from 15 minutes for narrow issues to over an hour for extensive matters.

What happens if I have an urgent legal threat?

We recognize issues like investigations require rapid response. We strive to provide emergency consultations within 24 hours. Our defense kicks into high gear right away.

Can I get counsel if I'm just starting my healthcare business?

Yes, we help businesses proactively by guiding formation, licensing applications, regulatory nuances, and avoiding early missteps. Starting out compliantly saves future headaches.

Do you handle litigation beyond government investigations?

Absolutely. We leverage deep trial experience to handle civil lawsuits ranging from breach of contract disputes to whistleblower lawsuits brought under the False Claims Act.

Can your guidance help me prevent future problems?

Our expertise equips clients to implement robust compliance programs, self-disclosure protocols and corrective actions where warranted. An ounce of regulatory prevention is invaluable.

I made an honest mistake - will that mean severe penalties?

Not necessarily. We present the contexts causing errors and demonstrate good faith efforts to correct them. Minor issues need not morph into existential threats.

Is a consultation expensive?

Never. Consultations are always free, confidential, and no-obligation. Our goal is informing clients so they can make empowered choices. There are no hidden costs.

Who owns any information I share about my case?

You do. Consultations fall under attorney-client privilege even before any relationship starts. We treat your matters with complete confidentiality.